It offers you a new challenge in more than 50 levels
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If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-play and funny game, then I'm sure you will enjoy playing LBreakout2, and maybe you will remember those days (80's and 90's) when the Arkanoid game used to be played on Atari and later on Nintendo console.

But how do you play this game? The main objective is very simple. You have to break out bricks using a metallic greenish ball and a racket placed horizontally, which will make the ball bounce. Still, this process is not as simple as it sounds: there will be times when you'll find indestructible bricks, explosive balls, invisible bricks, high speed balls, etc.

This addictive game has more than fifty stages, and you have the possibility to add even more, thanks to the level editor included. Besides, there are three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. The latter is a really difficult one, and I'm sure it will become a real challenge for expert players.

LBreakout2 manages nice graphics and good sounds. Besides, you can play it in full screen or windowed mode. To sum up, Lbreakout2 is a classic game, highly recommended, if you want to spend a funny moment in front of your PC. Moreover, it's totally free.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Open source
  • Many stages to play
  • Built-in level editor


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